Take Two: Gringo Star @ Windmill Brixton

Tuesday 15 May

Take One: Gringo Star @ Windmill Brixton

Pop and mo-town from the Atlanta band Gringo Star, playing at Windmill Brixton tonight. Have a listen to some of their music here and see what you think.

Gringo Star at Windmill Brixton, £5 advance and £6 door, 8pm

Take Two: Science in the Pub: ‘The Science of Star Trek’ at Upstairs at the Ritzy 

God, how we love the idea of the Science in the Pub nights at Upstairs at the Ritzy. Trekkies, keep calm, for this evening Dr Byford will be dissecting the science of Star Trek. Open to all, not just Star Trek fans.

Science in the Pub: ‘The Science of Star Trek’ with Dr Byford at Upstairs at the Ritzy, free entry, food/chats from 6pm, talk at 7.30pm