Take Two: A swim @ Brockwell Lido and board games @ Upstairs at the Ritzy

Monday 28 May

Take One: An early morning swim @ Brockwell Lido

The queues at the Lido were round the block this weekend, but take advantage of the gorgeous weather expected for this morning and dive into what is likely to be a much emptier pool for a pre-work dip. Or try in the rainier, but still very warm evening after work (you have until 10pm).  The water is absolutely gorgeous – cool, refreshing, tinglingly wonderful. It will leave you happy for the rest of the day.

Brockwell Lido, 6.30am-10pm

Take Two: Board Games and Beyond! @ Upstairs at the Ritzy

A gaming evening and not in the modern, teenage-boy sense. This is a night of traditional board gaming from the creative folk at Upstairs at the Ritzy. Here’s hoping they’ve got Frustration and Game of Life…

Board Games and Beyond! at Upstairs at the Ritzy, 6pm, free entre