LAMBeth: Spring lamb in Herne Hill

If Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep then the Blog know exactly where to
find them.
Amy and friends, four sheep from Kingston City Farm, can be found outside Herne Hill station today, basking in spring sunshine.
Among them is a five-day old lamb, as yet unnamed.
The woollen friends are on a day out from the farm to raise money for St George’s Hospital, Tooting.
The veteran Amy, who can be seen taken on walks through Brockwell Park on a lead, has raised more than £20,000 for charity.




  1. We went, we saw, they conquered us. So cute. A five day old lamb? You can’t get sweeter than that. I may have to go vegan.Lovely Elaine did all the organising, she is a Herne Hill treasure. She also had to capture the fully grown sheep which managed to escape twice. Lovely day out.

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