Brockwell Lido to open on Friday

It may be a little late, but Brockwell Lido will open its turnstiles on Friday for the first time this year.

The art-deco pool, built in 1937, announced today that it was making the final preparations for the summer season after series of problems meant repair work overran.

It took nearly two weeks to fill the swimming pool as Thames Water after water pressure problems restricted the flow of water.

The official launch of the swimming season will come on the weekend of 5 and 6 May, when there will be a range of activities going on in and out of the water. It will include water polo, kayaking, and a simultaneous jump into the unheated water.

Yvonne Levy, Chairperson of Brockwell Lido Users (BLU) said:  “BLU are thrilled that, after a few teething problems with expansion joints and trickling taps, the Lido is about to open.  Shame about the weather but, who knows, by Friday, we might get an April heatwave.

“Anyway, wetsuits at the ready, or not, if you are a traditionalist. The official Big Splash In is scheduled as part of the Modern Movement weekend of 4th and 5th of May but we expect there will be an unofficial one soon after 7am on Friday. See you there!”

Clare Motton, general manager, said: “I am very excited about the pool opening. I can’t wait to welcome all the new customers to the pool.

“The whole reason for doing the work over Christmas was so that we could keep the pool open all the way through next winter. We expect it to last all through the year now.”

Motton said that her staff will break the ice if it is that cold, but the centre recommends people don’t swim in water under 5celsius due to the risk of hyperthermia.

It is an exciting time for the lido complex, which is about to undergo a complete redecoration, and is ordering new gym equipment for delivery in the summer.

As part of the improvements, and wider work on Brockwell Park, the car park will be closed for a week from next Tuesday, April 24.

For more information, and membership enquiries, call the lido on 020 7274 3088.