£500k Brockwell Park playground opening delayed

DELAYED: New playground is part of £4.5million Brockwell Park improvements

The opening of a £500,000 playground in Brockwell Park has been delayed by nearly a month

The play area, replacing an older one near the Arlingford Gate, Tulse Hill, will now open at the end of May to allow new grass to grow around the apparatus.

It is part of a number  improvements at Brockwell Park funded by a £3.5million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, as well as £1million from Lambeth council.

In a letter to residents, the Friends of Brockwell Park said: “Due to the time it has taken to finish all the wooden attractions and to lay the turf around them, the grass will not be ‘take’ properly for a number of weeks.

“The contractors and parks have now had a meeting and the opening date is the end of May. Although this is a disappointment for all, including parks staff, we hope you will agree that it has to be finished properly and we hope it will be worth the wait.”

Parents have been asked to keep their children away from the playground until the area opens.

Elsewhere in the park railings are being replaced, paths relaid and toilets repaired. The ponds are also being improved with new bridges and pagodas added, and a tree planting scheme is under way.

The car park at Brockwell Lido will be closed until next Tuesday (1 May) to allow some of the improvements to be made.


  1. J Martin – it may seem normal to you to teach your kids to ignore warning signs, especially when the playground is full of other kids, but have you thought of the consequences of that? Warning signs are there for a reason – do you tell your kids to ignore the red man at crossings on the roads?

  2. Sunday 27 may the playground is half full and who can blame them? Best day of the year and start of summer (predictably so)- the bins in the park are fountains of overflowing rubbish into pools of debris; you can’t get into the lido without a 2(?) hour wait; the cafe kitchen closes from 12.30-13.30(!!?); the walled garden is a building site and the playground shut to anyone who can’t climb the fence. Our wonderful park. It IS a wonderful park, but the project management has failed miserably. Tail wagging the dog. Get the teams out there working and let us enjoy the facilities.

  3. Personally. I think its great people are using the playground. I live round the corner from it and must pass it at least 4 times a day. Its rare to see any work in progress apart from newspaper reading and sandwich eating. I can’t believe its taken almost a year to finish. My daughters has missed it sorely the last year. When its so clear the workman have been dragging their feet for the last few months so its normal if people are frustrated, ignoring the signs and using the playground. The sunday before last their must have been at least a hundred kids inside and the atmosphere was great. All the other parents I spoke to felt the same as me.

  4. I agree with Joe and Ed – the playground is looking amazing. However, some people can’t wait and recently I have seen children being taken into the playground by their parents to play on the equipment in the evenings when the workers have left. Hopefully, it’s safe, but I wouldn’t risk it with my kids and there are notices to say no entry – lousy parenting that’s teaching kids to ignore these!.

  5. It will be worth the wait, I walk past it every morning and the contractors have done a fantastic job. I only wish I was seven again!

  6. Let’s hope it keeps raining!

    BP is going to be amazing once all this work is done.

    My lot can’t wait.

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