Woman seriously injured in Brixton estate “fall”


A woman has been taken to hospital with serious injuries this morning after reportedly falling from the window of a fourth floor flat on St Matthews Estate, Brixton.

Paramedics and air ambulance doctors treated the woman at the scene at Brockwell Court, Effra Road, at about 10.45am this morning. She was taken to hospital by ambulance at about 11.20am.

Witnesses say that she fell from an open window. One resident of a neighbouring block told the Brixton Blog: “I was asleep and then I heard a woman screaming and then what sounded like a man screaming too, but I th0ught I was dreaming.

“When I heard the helicopter landing I knew something serious had happened.”

The Air Ambulance landed opposite Halfords on Effra Road, and police closed Crownstone Road to the public while the injured woman was treated.



  1. I watched this happen. I live in Crownstone Court, right across the road, and was sitting at the window when I thought “Is that someone standing outside her window?” She was standing on the window ledge at the top of the window of the third floor flat. Two girls were screaming hysterically, but the woman herself seemed calm. She looked around a bit, then it was almost as if she was bopping her head to some music, so for a moment I thought she was drunk. I don’t know what it was all about. Then I noticed she had something electrical wires wrapped around her neck, they hang from the top of the block. She seemed to be checking if they were secure. Police arrived, and an ambulance. She looked at them, then just stepped off the window ledge. Again, I don’t know what it was all about, that’s just what I saw. She did not seem to be in distress, she didn’t scream, but it looked like she was trying to hang herself and it went wrong. The wires around her neck broke the fall, it was all very bungled and jerky, then a dull thud. The police and ambulance were there for a good hour, then took her to hospital. They took a statement and told me she had survived, but I don’t know if she’s recovered since or whether she hasn’t made it. It all happened in a flash. I don’t know her or anything about her life, but what struck me most about the whole thing is how comfortable and relaxed she seemed. I just hope she’s OK, and I’m glad I didn’t see her hit the ground as she fell behind a wall – I can still see her go when I’m at my window and that’s enough…

  2. I live nearby and although didn’t see this poor woman jump, I was at home on that terrible morning and heard everything. Police appealed for witnesses and it did seem to be being treated as a ‘crime scene’ as when she had been airlifted to hospital. Was she in fact escaping Domestic Violence??

  3. The lady and man that was screaming was her daughter and partner . She’s alive but Very badly Hurt , keep her in your prayers x

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