Gordon Ramsay sparks security scare at Brixton prison

Gordon Ramsay was at Brixton Prison

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay caused a major security scare at Brixton Prison after his crew lost a potato peeler while making a television show.

According to reports in yesterday’s Sunday Mirror, guards were forced to lockdown prisoners after the film crew at the category B jail, on Brixton Hill thought they had misplaced the peeler.

But the two-hour search was called off after producers recounted their inventory and found all the utensils accounted for.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “A miscalculation of ­kitchen equipment by an external ­trainer led to a search of a workshop at HMP Brixton for two hours.”

Brixton prison, originally built in 1820, is mostly used to hold remand prisoners waiting for their trial to be heard, or convicted criminals waiting to be sentenced.

The show, due to be aired in autumn, will show him teaching inmates how to cook to prepare for life outside the prison walls.