Mini Cooper flipped in Brixton Effra Road crash

The Mini ended up on its roof
The Mini ended up on its roof

This is the dramatic sight of an overturned Mini Cooper after an accident in Brixton.

Mini overturns in Effra Road
The scene of the crash on Effra Road pic by Grant Winters

The driver of the black Mini Cooper ran off after the car flipped outside the Effra Road Chapel, Effra Road at 2.30pm yesterday (Thursday).

Police are now hunting the driver of the Mini, which struck a Citroen van before it ended up on its roof.

Grant Winters, who runs El Panzon taco bar at the Hootenanny pub, said on Twitter: “Proper idiot! Totals mini car, then runs away. ”

A police spokesman told the Brixton Blog: “The road remained closed to facilitate removal of the overturned vehicle.

“Lambeth council attended to deal with oil spilled on the

They confirmed that no one had been arrested, but they were trying to trace the fleeing driver.

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