Lambeth police seize 20 cars in clampdown

Police stop drivers on Brixton Hill as part of Operation Cubo
Police stop drivers on Brixton Hill as part of Operation Cubo

By Tim Dickens, Editor

Brixton Hill was swarming with police on Thursdays as officers seized 20 uninsured cars and arrested three people.

The action, which saw police with dogs on the pavement outside Vera Cruz restaurant, was part of a London-wide clampdown called Operation Cubo.

Car transporter lorries lined up to take confiscated vehicles away as cops checked the documents for hundreds of vehicles.

An unmarked van with numberplate recognition cameras, parked on the pavement behind a bus stop at Brixton Hill Court helped officers to identify suspicious vehicles.

Inspector Nick Fallowfield said: “Lambeth is fully committed to identifying illegal drivers and dealing with them robustly by seizing their vehicles so that our roads are made safer.

“This is a proven successful tactic in disrupting criminal activity and we will continue to conduct these operations with enthusiasm.”

One car transporter laden with confiscated vehicles later slammed into the railway bridge at the junction of Atlantic Road and Brixton Road just before 7pm, closing Brixton Road to traffic for 90 minutes.

Lambeth officers carried out similar stops in Streatham and Clapham. Across London some 554 cars were seized and 81 people were arrested.