1. What’s with all the stencilling all over the pavements? Why would I go to a new bar which has just tagged all the pavements in Brixton/Clapham. Jamie Edwards you might want to rethink your marketing techniques if you come from the area?

  2. We were so happy to be involved in this project and giving these guys what they dreamed of, we spent the last 6 months designing and fine tuning London’s newest gastro nightclub, lounge bar & restaurant. We have designed the layout, flow, look and feel to include a socialites room, with Deer heads and chunky vintage red and black chesterfield sofa’s with a pimped version being graffitied with a union jack.

    The main dance room has an amazing sound & light show that will highlight the 11m purple hologram bespoke chesterfield on raised platform. The incredible led light tables will give this 80’s style venue something of a difference and create a talking point for its customers. The back bar that has bookcases and decanter style lighting is just one design element, also showcasing this venue are rust style cage walls with filament bulbs dangling inside. http://www.astoundinginteriors.co.uk/news/electric-social

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