Young man shot dead in Tulse Hill last night

A young man was tragically killed in a shooting in Tulse Hill last night. The victim, thought to be in his late teens, died at the scene near Purser House in Tulse Hill.

It’s not yet clear whether this was a gang-related murder, but the incident is the third shooting in the area within the last two weeks. Alper Pasha, 43, died four days after being attacked outside the KFC on Coldharbour Lane on 26 May. A man has now been charged for his murder. Sadiq Adebiyi, 25, was killed in a shooting near the Stockwell Gardens Estate last month and two men have now been charged, according to the BBC.

Do you think such crimes in the Brixton area are on the up? How do you think we can stop so many shootings happening? Please do leave your comments.


    Ths link follows on my comment about the youths with guns being mere slaves of the arms companies. Martin Luther King stated this and for this he got assassinated which action proved his point. We need to hear him and speak out in his name against what is happening today all around us exchanging Vietnam for Afghanistan and Iraq! (See link – Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated April 4, 1968, shortly after he started speaking out against the global elite and the injustice they inflict on all of humanity though orchestrated wars and economic oppression. He believed that “a nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”[1]

    While King may not physically be with us today, we are fortunate that he left us with powerful principles and tools for defeating tyranny. King, Gandhi and many others have set the precedent for our liberation, proving that courage, love, persistence, and some simple tools are ultimately victorious.

    In fact, the tools and principles utilized by King are so powerful that they rocked the foundation of the global elite’s power structure. As Andrew Gavin Marshall writes:

    When Martin Luther King began speaking about more than race, and openly criticized the entire social structure of empire and economic exploitation, not simply of blacks, but of all people around the world and at home, he posed too great a threat to the oligarchy to tolerate him any longer. It was at this point that the National Security State chose to assassinate Martin Luther King, and the philanthropies greatly expanded their financing of the Civil Rights Movement to ensure that it would be led in their desired direction.[2]

    Hatred for King by the elite’s agents in government intensified after he publicly identified the U.S. government as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” The FBI and U.S military kept King under 24-hour surveillance, and agents had infiltrated the civil rights movement. Therefore, the elites were aware of King’s Poor People’s Campaign for Washington D.C., where King planned to shut down the nation’s capital in the spring of 1968 through massive civil disobedience until the government agreed to combat economic inequality in the United States rather than drop bombs on Vietnam.)
    Go to link for the rest.

  2. Sad that these young guys with guns think they are big-timers when in fact all they are are mere slaves to the real big timers, the arms manufacturers(bankers/investors)
    It is only when these kids fully understand that they are just the puppets, that they are being used to keep themselves down….that guns, knives, whatever weapons, used by them on themselves, in their communities, is self-sabotage eventually landing themselves in prison (for a long time) which keeps others, like themselves, “meaningfully” employed in these prisons jobs, while the guys at the top, executives of these arms companies, are living the lives of Riley….in the upper strata together with the celebrities, movie stars, musicians who have become rich promoting the violence which traps keeps these youth into this terrible ilusion.

  3. I can’t believe what is going on in the area I have lived for 26 years. I now have a son of my own and do not wish to have him grow up in an area that is now so dangerous for young men. I have always felt safe as a female growing up and brixton & proud to call it my home but the recklessness of these monster’s that feel they have the right to take the life of innocent young men is driving me away. I hope they get caught. The death penalty needs to be put in over here. Once that’s done let’s see how many cowardly black boys wamnt to kill their own!

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