The Weekend Ahead in Brixton

Thursday: The weekend starts early (as usual) in Brixton with the Open Decks night at Mango Landin’. Bring four of your favourite records and compete to win. Or just go and dance to someone else’s favourite tracks.

Friday: Plan B is hosting the warm-up party for the World B-Boy Championships, which will be taking place at Brixton Academy on Sunday. Some of the event’s DJs are on the line-up tonight, including DJ Renegade, Skeme Richards and Shortee Blitz.

Saturday: OxJam take over Windrush Square with a host of local businesses, market stalls and music to prepare us for their real ‘takeover’ of Brixton’s music venues on 23 October. For food: Now it’s no longer summer, it’s back to hot curries, plantain and lots of rice at Negril for the evening.

Sunday: All that partying/eating/more partying. It’s time for something a little more sedate. Ruth Miller of the London Mural Preservation Society is leading a Brixton Mural Walk with a pub stop along the way. Meet at 1pm at Stockwell Tube Station. She’s written some lovely blog posts about the murals here.

If you’re still in party mode, then head to Brixton Academy for the actual B-Boy Championships from 2pm-9pm.

And, in a weird musical fusion moment, end the day at Ritzy Upstairs with some country music from Ryan Carr and guests.


  1. I fwd this blog to a fellow brixtonite who gave the comment “the lead photo on the blog, I believe meant to communicate the fact that they’ve got their finger on the pulse of an ever-changing Brixton”

    This sarcastic comment is obviously not the comments you want. So i am offering my services.
    Please get in touch.

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