Shooting in St James’s Crescent

Sad news for Brixton today – Five young men were injured in a “pre-planned” shooting last night in St James’s Crescent. Two of them, aged 23 and 24, are still in hospital while the other three, aged 16,21 and 22 have been discharged. The Metropolitan Police Operation Trident team are investigating what they have called an “apparently pre-planned attack”. See here and here for news coverage.


  1. all a long term strategy to keep people of colour down. While we are busy killing each other
    that suits dem fine. If it was white people that were being shot and stabbed you would see


    take a complete different stance. I wish the people who are playing into fe dem hands
    could understand that oppression and slavery come in many different forms some so subtle and sophisticated that one can very easily conform and help these pagans to control the masses. god help us all. our future is not bright.

  2. What’s wrong with people these days….killing eachother what do u accomplish really? (NOTHING) your gonna get caught! It should be made ‘A LIFE 4 A LIFE’at the end of the day.Any idiot can pick up a gun or a knife,it doesn’t make u a big person..u don’t earb respect…YOUR FOOLISH

  3. this is a shock to me, I just got back from work at 12 might night and saw a police car tape off the road across from me, I live on St James’s Crecent, the incident, didn’t happen on st james’s, but across from it, I got the news from the neighbors, friends and online.

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