Brixton films on British Pathe

What a find. British Pathe has opened up an online archive of 90,000 videos including newsreel, sports footage and social history documentaries from 1896-1976.  There are endless wonderful videos here, but since this is a Brixton blog we’re going to concentrate on the Brixton ones. Just enter the search term ‘Brixton’ and you’ll find…

A piggyback race in a Brixton street from 1937, complete with commentary

A Dogs Tea Party in 1958, exclusively for members of the Brixton and District Dog’s Training Club

Shots of diverse Brixton in 1956 under a typical 1950s title – ‘English girls married to Jamaicans live happily in Brixton’

A newsreel about Brixton market in the 1960s – a place, apparently, for “housewives from Barnsley to Beirut”… “For the unfeeling husband who constantly complains, ‘Can’t we have something different?’, here you can buy sweet potatoes, okra, sweetcorn and mangos.”

This is a real treasure trove, so any links to the best videos are welcome in the comments section below.


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