The circus comes to town/Brockwell Park

Zippo’s Circus is a circus in the grand old tradition. A travelling company of acrobats, horse-trainers and clowns entertaining audiences across the country with misplaced humour and always mildly disappointing – but still fun – acrobatics. I went seven times as a child. In the interim years, we have become more disapproving of circus animals and more scared of clowns. The horses are there, but  Zippo’s Encore – a new show for the circus currently showing at Brockwell Park – doesn’t have an old-school clown. Surprisingly little else has changed. There is something bizarrely comforting in the fact that, despite changes of government and unknowable leaps forward in technology, Zippo’s will probably still be making its regular visits to Brockwell Park in another few decades.

Photos: Damon Hope


  1. Thanks for the write-up – but I’m slightly puzzled. Got rid of the clown? Not exactly! Started by Zippo the Clown all those years ago, Zippo’s Circus is still the home of big-top comedy. This year, the hilarious David Konyot and his company of what journalists call ‘funsters’ are receiving accolades from our enthusiastic audiences.

    Incidentally, Zippo’s Circus grew up without animal performers, but added ethically-treated horses in response to public demand. Glad you like them! See for tour details.

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