H&M vox pops

Despite protests outside H&M yesterday against its store in Israel, the inside of the shop was manically busy, with queues stretching around the clothes racks. What did the punters think about the new store in Brixton? Is it a good thing for the area?

Stacy, Stockwell

“I think it’s brilliant. We’ve finally got something in Brixton that we can get stuff from. It’s good to have something so local. It’s good that a big chain store is here, because it will bring a lot more people into Brixton and slowly they’re opening up and fixing the market, so it’s just getting better all round really.”

Patricia, Clapham Park

“I think it’s really nice and very pretty. The closest H&M apart from this is in central London, so it’s good to have something local.”

Chloe, Tulse Hill

“It’s good for Brixton because it’s reasonable prices and Brixton doesn’t have that much variety of clothes shops. Having said that, it would also suit the feel of Brixton to have more independent shops, but I guess that H&M is pretty ubiquitous, so it’s something you can’t really avoid anyway.”