Labour’s anti-Lib Dem video

There’s something pretty sickening about this new Lambeth Labour video. It’s like a poor man’s attempt at an American-style smear campaign. I’d rather hear about Labour’s own positive plans for the future of the area, thanks.

UPDATE:  The video has been removed from You Tube after a “copyright issue” over an image of Lambeth Lib Dem leader Ashley Lumsden.  @Jason_Cobb gives some good analysis

UPDATE #2 Mar 14: The video has now been re-uploaded onto You Tube, with a new insulting introductory message and a cartoon image of Ashley Lumsden (instead of the original copyrighted image) . I mean, really, how childish can you get?


  1. And a council that has now closed the Streatham Pool and gym. Though I suppose we should be grateful for frozen Council house taxes.

  2. It’s a pretty vile video, isn’t it? It tells us nothing about the future and what can hopefully be achieved in our area.

    The hypocrisy coming from a party that is keen to ‘celebrate the community’ at events such as the Windrush Square opening is sickening. Celebrate the community, as long as it is their community.

    No thanks.

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