Brixton lunch: Etta’s Seafood Kitchen

The windows steam up in Etta’s Seafood Kitchen when the cafe is full. Somehow that sums up what Etta and her daughter provide in their food  – simple, gutsy and warming dishes. Fish soup, fish curry, coriander and garlic prawns, or just steamed fish, all with a Caribbean twist and sourced from Brixton Market. Not much can go wrong there. They also do wonderful fresh juices, such as ‘Etta’s Energizer’ with beetroot, carrot and ginger.  The curry could have been spicier, or more ‘curryish’ in the words of my companion, and there isn’t a huge amount of difference in flavour between each dish, but it’s all pretty damn satisfying for a Saturday lunch. And cheap too.

Prawns with rice and peas
Fish Curry
Fish Curry

Etta’s Seafood Kitchen, 85/86 Granville Arcade, Brixton


  1. Only just discovered Etta’s Seafood Kitchen and loved it! Made to feel very welcome and the food was delicious. In fact, that side of the market is an (for me) undiscovered gem in Brixton – as Etta herself said (think it was Etta) no one tends to venture over to this side! This is a real shame as theres several decent looking places for food.

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