Wanna be a Brixton Pound Director?

For all those who have expressed their frustration with the Brixton Pound – and for those who absolutely love it – now’s your chance to make improvments. Brixton Pound Group will officially become a Community Interest Company after the aims and values consultation and they are calling for directors.

Simon Woolf of the Brixton Pound Group said, “our main aim is to attract a diverse selection of people, so that the directorship of the B£ reflects the local community. In order that we can best achieve this, we are keeping this as an open-ended process.”

A Brixton Pound announcement in its last newsletter stated: “Although there are some skills and experience that we feel would be particularly useful (e.g. business experience, community links, accountancy) essentially passion and commitment to making the Brixton Pound work are the most important qualities our directors need to have.”

There have been enough applications so far for some directors to be appointed and the CIC can now be established, but Woolf emphasised that “we would very much welcome additional applications, as it is quite possible that we will appoint additional directors in the future.”

You can learn about the duties here and apply here. Email brixtonpound@gmail.com for more info.